Monday, 5 December 2016

Flick O' The Switch

Sticking steadfastly to Christmas themes... The Great Hamptons Christmas Tree Light Up is taking place this Saturday (10th December) at 5:30pm at the top of the hill in the Hamptons (That's Mayflower Park to those in the know...)

This year the lights are being switched on by Paul Scully, our local MP and there will be free mince pies and mulled wine for all (wow!), sponsored by Waitrose and Ivygate, plus carols and festive music.

Everyone from the Hamptons and the whole of Worcester Park is welcome, if not out-rightly encouraged to be there.

The tree is a 25ft Norway Pine sited on the Viewing Circle at the top of Mayflower Park. When lit, it will be visible to most of Worcester Park.

Brighten up your Christmas at The Hamptons on 10th December!

Christmas Late Night

Worcester Park's famous Christmas Late Night is coming up this Friday (9th December). And whilst this is our traditional night for Christmas festival atmosphere and fun it's worth remembering that this was first set up to allow people to have a night when they can shop locally and do their Christmas shopping without having to go off to Kingston or elsewhere.

We've recently had a few new shops open (I'll get round to covering these soon...) so the high street is surviving but we've had few higher profile places close as well. The high street needs your support to survive and thrive. This night is our local shops trying to make Christmas more convenient for us. Let's return the favour by spending our money locally and helping to keep the area thriving!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Fairs And Tree Sales

As we hurtle towards the silly season like an out of control sleigh, the succession of Christmassy things to keep us occupied continues. Tomorrow is the Dorchester Primary Christmas Fair and on Saturday, the 4th WP scouts are having their Christmas Fair and tree sale. Cheam Santa is also out and about - tomorrow is the evening he visits roads between Central Road and Browning Avenue. Tonight was from Ruskin Drive through to Boscombe Road (in Dorchester Road when I went past)... previous report undated to reflect this...

Next Friday (9th December) is the famous annual Worcester Park Christmas Late Night with the Saturday (10th) being the Hamptons Christmas Tree Lights Switch On. More info to follow...

Father Christmas Out And About

If you live between Central Road and Browning Avenue, head out to see Father Christmas (aka Cheam Santa) tomorrow evening (Friday 2nd December) and help raise money for Cheam and Sutton Rotary.

He starts at around 6pm and should be going 'til about 8:30.

For other area, keep an eye on their facebook page...

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Things To Do Today

There are lots of things to do today. Almost all of them Christmas related. Get in...

There are also still a few tickets available for the 'The Dragon of Wantley' pantomime. I've got my tickets...

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Remember Them

The annual Armistice day remembrance service is taking place tomorrow (Sunday November 13), led as usual by the Royal British Legion.

It begins with a 10am service at Christchurch with St Phillips, then a short service including two minute silence at the war memorial at top of Central Road. Afterwards at around 11.15am there will be a parade along Central Road (featuring, I am told, a 10 piece marching band) down to the Royal British Legion.

The Legion is then open to everyone for refreshments, a buffet by the women’s section and live music by the DDay Darlings.

As usual it should be a day to remember...

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Charity Christmas Party

I guess the Christmas events notifications have well and truly begun and so herein is another one.

The Emily Ash Trush, a charity based in New Malden which helps improve the lives of children with cancer is putting on a Family Christmas Party at the Holy Cross Church Hall, Adela Avenue, KT3 6LF on Saturday 3rd December from 12 'til 2pm.

Tickets for the event are also on sale now at £5 per family entry.

As part of the celebration, the trust has accumulated a sack full prizes and is having silent auction to distribute them. (Shh!)

The prizes are:

  • Chelsea Soccer School Place RRP £105
  • London Duck Tours Family Ticket RRP £75
  • Snakes and Ladders Soft play 1 adult and 5 children RRP £ 50 ( two available.. perfect birthday party! )
  • Family entry to Hobbledown RRP £44
  • White Spider Climbing session for 6 RRP £111
  • One Term of swimming lessons for January start with Colin Bull RRP £150 ( two available )
  • Dick Wittington at New Wimbledon Theatre Family ticket RRP £100+
  • Delta Force Paintball party for 10 RRP £100

They are also holding a raffle with more prizes(£5 per ticket): 
  • Family entry to London Wetlands centre £35
  • 2 children Birdworld £28
  • 2 children Drusillas £37
  • Kew Gardens £30
  • Little Bears Soft play £10
  • Swim at Guildford lido £6.20
  • Swim at Guildford Spectrum £22.10
  • Lookout discovery Centre £19.60
  • Bocketts Farm £19
  • Dodge ball Family Party £40
  • Ice Rink at Nat History Museum £25
  • Chelsea Soccer School Place £105
  • Delta Force Paintball party for 10 £100
  • One terms swimming lessons £150
  • and many more...

Contact Nickie Murtagh on  07547 628 531 for a ticket to the event, for raffle tickets or to place your bids !

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Malden Parochial Fireworks

Also tonight...

Scouts Fireworks


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Panto Time

Almost three years ago to the day I first wrote about the Worcester Park Dramatic Society, which at the time I had never before crossed paths with. I am glad to say that this time round they have contacted to blog to tell me about their latest production 'The Dragon of Wantley' which I am reliably informed is "a pantomime for the whole family!" Cue: "Oh no it isn't!" "Oh yes it is!" etc...

What I am really pleased about is the fact that such an organisation exists locally. Having done some amateur dramatics in my youth (and some professional if you call being an extra in 'Neighbours' professional) I have a rather soft spot such groups and some of them are extremely professional in their our look and the quality of their work (even if not in the true sense of the word.)

WP Junior #1 is just the right age to enjoy some panto like this so I will look to take him along on the Saturday.

Ahh yes the dates... There are four performances, all at the Adrian Mann Theatre, Nescot (Reigate Road, Ewell, KT17 3DS) on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November at 7.30pm and Saturday 26th November at 11am and 4pm. Tickets are £11 with concessions available. Book tickets through the WPDS at Ticket Source.

... he's behind you...