Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Worcestish Pasties

There has been a lone street market stall poping up in Central Road outside Iceland every Saturday for the last few months and Mrs WP and I finally gave it a try last weekend.

S&S Pattiserie (note the Italian spelling with two t's and one s), run by Stephen Bradley has been a going concern since 1994. They make all their own products and sell them at various street and farmers markets as well as other special outdoor events.

What caught my eye though was that their address is printed on the banner at the back and it is a local business - Bridgewood Road no less.

All the products are made in a specially built kitchenette at the back of the address and sold via three market stalls at various locations. Regular locations include Dorking High Street outside Barclays bank and as Stephen told the blog:
"Worcester Park is right on the doorstep so we approached the council and got permission to set up in Central Road each Saturday. We are part of the farmers market when it comes to Worcester Park."
Amongst the goodies for sale were what they term as Surrey Pasties. These are no different to Cornish Pasties as far as ingredients and recipe is concerned - they're just not made in Cornwall so can't be called Cornish Pasties. However the one I tried was delicious and just as good as the Cornish variety.

Stone Place Welcomes Clumsy Drivers

There seems to have been a spate of bad driving recently in Stone Place. First the metal fence outside the library was knock out of shape. And now the fence near Lotus House has been remodelled.

Or perhaps these are just works of modern art and I am just not getting it.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lost Documents?

A few days ago I had a message from a blog reader regarding some found documents. She said her elderly father had found some important personal and historical documents lying in the road, one of them dating back over a century. They were found in Kingsmead Avenue.

If you have found yourself to be missing such documents please contact the blog. If you know what the documents were and the family name concerned I will put you in touch with the person who now has them.

Poppy Walk Today

The Royal British Legion have organised a sponsored poppy walk today to raise money towards next month's Poppy Appeal. The walk will be leaving the RBL in Central Road at midday and walkers will be heading up Cheam Common Road, down London Road and into Nonsuch Park. They will walk through the park to Cheam Gate and back up to Cheam Village where they will turn left along Malden Road and back to the RBL.

60 walkers have signed up and received sponsorship packs. However it is still possible to join the walk if you want and organise your sponsorship afterwards.

The RBL will be open to the public afterwards and there will be a live band, nibbles and the bar will be open.

This is only the second time this walk has been organised. The first one was two years ago which raised £4000. This one already has more walkers and they are looking at holding one every year from now on.

Post Walk

A managed to get a few snaps of the walkers in action and arriving back at the RBL afterwards. Here is a small sample...

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Arson Suspects Sought

Police have issued images of two youths wanted in connection with one of last month's skip fires in Stone Place car park.

Two males wearing hoodies were caught on CCTV starting the fire just after 2am on Wednesday 17th September. London Fire Brigade was called and managed to put the fire out.

The two lads returned at 3:23am but this time without their hoodies and accompanied by a girl.

If you happen to be are one of these individuals, or you know who they individuals are, please contact Sutton Police station on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If you see a crime being committed or someone is in danger always call 999.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Nice Night For A Walk

Like most people in the area you probably have a vague recollection of groups of people in funny yellow wigs wandering about Worcester Park in the middle of the night at various points in the past. Perhaps it was all just a weird dream...

Or perhaps it was the annual Moonlight Memories Walk raising money for St Raphael's Hospice. If, this time you would like to be one of those people in a funny yellow wig, the opportunity is at hand.

This very weekend, nay this very Saturday evening (4th October), good people from near and far will be donning such wigs of yellow, and indeed T-shirts and other adornments of a similar hue, and setting out to stroll the streets of North Cheam and Worcester Park in an effort to raise £50,000 - nearly as much money as St Raphael's needs to run for a single week.

It all begins at 6pm at St Bede's Conference centre (which is just behind St Raphael's) with face painting, a bouncy castle, hot and cold food and indeed a bar. The actual walking begins at 8:30pm and follows a 5 mile route around the local area.

Everyone is welcome to take part (children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult) and everyone is encouraged to ware yellow. A yellow t-shirt and presumably a yellow wig is provided.

The cost of all this irreverent fun (it is a charity after all) is £15 for adults and £10 for children and you are encouraged to add some sponsorship to that as well if you can. You need to register before 12 midday on Friday (3rd October). To so do, be not hesitant in your emailing of louisa.hitchen@straphaelshospice.org.uk or indeed else your phoning thereof on 0208 254 2466.

And who knows, maybe people will be wondering what you are doing wandering round in a yellow wig this Saturday night!

Malfunction Overload

The new bridge and lifts at Worcester Park station were only opened at the very end of June. It is not even October yet and the lifts have already broken down twice. At least this time however the lifts have decided to inject a little humour into their failure. I'll allow blog reader Alex to continue the story from here. He writes:
"I recall the lift on the London bound platform broken down a little while ago, which some, (presumably those who contribute the least to the no doubt considerable capital investment) confidently dismissed as a ‘one off’.  
As I waited on the platform today, I heard an announcement coming from inside the bridge: “Lift overloaded! Please reduce the load!” At the top of the steps, I found the lift doors open. I had a camera with me and recorded a quick video – as you can see, there was no ‘load’ – the lift was quite empty. So that’s another ‘one off’ freak breakdown."

"The same brand new lift has now had two complete breakdowns. Frankly, I wouldn’t take my chances in there, particularly if I was on the last train of the evening – no matter how desperately I needed it!"
Hope springs eternal...

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Vote For Your Favourite Shop

There is often much discussion on here and around the area in general about the state of the High Street. For clarity I am referring here to the main shopping area streets - i.e. Central Road, Windsor Road, London Road over in North Cheam etc. Few of us (if any) want to see our shopping areas taken over by multinational outlets pushing out the very local independent shops which make our area unique.

Multinationals do have inbuilt advantages in that they can run national advertising campaigns, draw on the many experiences of numerous employees across many shops - putting tried and tested systems in place, buy in bulk to keep product prices down and provide customers with a 'safe' shopping experience - in that they'll know exactly what the experience will be like before they even walk in the door.

For these reasons I'm sure all of us have chosen Costa over Checkers and Waitrose instead of Ross's and Woodward Bros in the past (I'm just as guilty), or worse still, driven over to Kingston before even considering if Preview Menswear, Worcester Spark or the Toy Shed might have what we are looking for.

Our independent shops have other advantages though. They are unique and personal for a start. They are are part of the community and help shape the community. And they each give us something we can't quite get anywhere else at all.

An addition, independent shopkeepers have often poured life savings into their business. They have chosen to work extraordinarily long hours, day after day for many years and no one pays them to do it. Their only financial reward is what is leftover from the takings in the till after everything else has been paid for. They never really know how much that is going to be from day to day. Some do well out of it, others struggle. But they each chose to take that risk and give it a go and we are the ones who benefit by having those choices available to us. And I applaud them for it.

It is therefore appropriate that these businesses be occasionally recognised and I am glad once again to be able to draw your attention to the Independent Shop Of The Year competition in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park.

Parliamentary candidate, Paul Scully (on the Conservative side - same as me...) has put his money where his mouth is and has launched the competition in which local residents can vote online for their favourite independent retailer at www.suttonlocal.org.uk. Everyone who takes part then goes into the draw to win £100 to spend in the winning shop.

Last year the competition was won by Precision Chiropractic in Cheam (followed closely by our own Woodward Bros butcher shop in second place).

Kate Irwin of Precision Chiropractic said, "it’s a fun competition, supporting local businesses".

After the launch Paul commented,
"I am a small business owner committed to supporting local retailers who create jobs for local people, protect the character of our high streets, and help to build a healthy local economy. I encourage everyone to take a moment to express their gratitude for the hard work of the staff at their favourite local shop, by voting online at www.suttonlocal.org.uk".
Voting is open until 16th October and this year’s winner will be announced on 23rd October. By taking part in the competition, customers have the opportunity to say thank you to a local retailer that they feel has provided an outstanding service to them and their families.

Tacky Taxis

For those wondering what became of the old Born Sushi shop in Windsor Road, the latest addition to our high street has just been revealed. And it's not the sort of shop front you're likely to miss.

Looking like the home page of the tackiest website you've ever seen, the only thing missing is a dozen flashing signs. Perhaps I shouldn't give them any more ideas...

Shop front 'before'
In case you hadn't worked it out from the shop front, the new business is a minicab office. Whether or not they are open for business yet is hard to tell. The signage all went up last week - it was apparently finished on Friday. However the door is locked and peering through a small gap in the signage reveals only a single unmanned desk. It has been suggested that it is a telephone only office and not a walk in one so we might never see it open.

A brief sounding of local opinion suggest that 'tacky' and 'over the top' appear to be the main first impressions given out by this new venture. I'd personally add 'gaudy' and 'tasteless' to the list.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bin Number Two

I spotted this note near central Road. If this is you - consider yourself told...