Usong oak cladding in your home

Different Types Of Oak Cladding

When we talk about the different types of wooden materials, oak is one of the most common choices that designers tend to choose. Oak wood itself has a very appealing appeal and its natural color makes it perfect for home decoration. This type of wood has been used for many years for furniture but as it’s natural grain patterns have become more intricate and complex, it became more popular for other purposes. As a result, designers have also started using oak cladding in different applications. Oak cladding has its own distinctive character that makes it stand out from other wooden materials.

Oak cladding

As previously said, the oak is a hardwood that can be utilized for different types of furniture. There are different grades of oak and each type is suited for different purposes. Some people may look for a specific type of style or another one that will complement their house and the overall interior design. It’s important to note that when you use this type of wood materials, there should be some maintenance required because you need to apply a sealant after finishing the wooden pieces.

Does oak cladding need treating?

You can use different types of stain to give your larch cladding a certain color or even polish or varnish it to make it appear more attractive. If you would like a more modern type of appearance, you can always try a darker stain so it’ll give you a unique look. However, if you prefer a traditional appearance, applying a lighter stain will work. Oak cladding will look great regardless of what type of finish you apply to it. For example, there is a very popular type of finish called paintless dentil which is applied with a brush.

You can also opt to purchase solid oak pieces because they’re guaranteed to last a long time. There are many different sizes, shapes and types that can be found in the market so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs perfectly. As already stated, there are different types of oak that are available and depending on what you would like to have on your wall, you should first consider the size and shape. Oak cladding usually comes in three to five inch width increments. The thickness also ranges from one inch to two inches.

How long does oak cladding last?

Cladding made out of oak is extremely durable and because of its strength, it’s used to provide protection for floors and walls. In fact, this type of wood also works great for making cabinets. It’s also ideal for outdoor furniture. When it comes to its durability, it should be noted that oak is a naturally durable wood. It’s resistant to various pests and it has high resistance against damage from moisture and temperature change.

If you’re wondering about the color of the wood, you can inquire about it since oak comes in a variety of colors depending on where it’s grown. Generally speaking, it’s a golden honey color when it’s grown in the United States. If you want to add a little spice to your room, you can consider using an oak colored board instead of using white ones. You can also choose to use dark or light stains to give your room a classic look. Some people even choose to go with a distressed look on their oak-clad walls to make it look more worn.

Aside from wood, another type of oak that is used for home design is metal-coated oak. This type is easy to clean and it resists stains. One reason why some homeowners prefer this type of oak is because it’s very affordable. To top it all, it has the same charm as a regular oak will have.

With the wide array of options, you’ll find that there are countless things that you can use oak cladding for inside your home. Since it’s so versatile, you can also use it for exterior design. Your exterior walls can truly be unique with the use of oak cladding.