Buying Reclaimed Oak Flooring In the UK

The Facts About Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Reclaimed oak flooring

Reclaimed oak flooring is a great choice for people who want the look and durability of oak but do not have the price tag to back it up. Reclaimed wood comes from buildings that have been torn down, rebuilt, or rebuilt and repaired many times over. The wood from these structures has been discarded over the years and has yet to be repaired and repainted. It has simply been placed in a condition that will allow it to be sold to generate revenue for the builder, and the contractor, who performed the repairs. There is plenty of demand for this type of flooring, which is why companies around the country are constantly searching for ways to extract as much as they can from landfills and barns that have been emptied.

Reclaimed oak flooring is a great example of how good quality old wood can still be used today. Oak flooring is one of the most common types of wood found in North America, and its availability makes it easy for homeowners to install it. Unlike laminate or vinyl flooring, real wood can be installed right over the concrete, allowing it to give the same look as a solid floor would have. The fact that real wood is such a beautiful coloration also adds to the appeal. When it comes down to it, there are countless benefits of reusing wood that have been discarded for various reasons.

Is reclaimed wood flooring more expensive?

Perhaps the best thing about reclaimed oak cladding is that it costs very little to install. The cost of the boards alone can be minimal, especially if they are purchased direct from demolition companies or demolition crews. This is especially true if you choose a reclaimed wood product with exotic stains or finishes. You can purchase all sorts of different pieces from old doors and windows, to moldings and shelves to complete your floor.

Reclaimed oak flooring is made from solid woods, unlike veneer copies of the same idea which is actually made from chipboard. The quality of wood is much better because it has been properly cared for during the removal process. Chipboard often suffers from moisture damage, which causes it to expand and contract, causing it to crack over time. Solid wood, on the other hand, cannot do this because it cannot be bent or compressed.

What is an advantage of reclaimed wood flooring?

Because of this sturdiness, real oak flooring can last for decades. It may not stand up as well against the elements as faux wood, but it will retain its beauty for many years to come. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, then real oak flooring may not be the best idea due to the tendency for the wood to expand when it is exposed to heat. If you choose faux oak flooring, you won’t have this problem because it does not expand like the real thing. Another thing about reclaimed oak flooring is that it resists scratching and denting.

Reclaimed oak flooring suppliers

Reclaimed wood is also more environmentally friendly than pre-fabricated alternatives. There is less waste, so there is less trees cut down to make new furniture. This is especially important if you’re concerned about sustainability-reclaimed oak can actually provide more green jobs than a lot of other types of wood put together. It is possible to find reclaimed oak that is almost identical to brand new flooring. When shopping for reclaimed oak, it’s important to check the origin of the wood.

This can tell you quite a bit about the tree-old it is, how old it really is, and where it comes from. The best reclaimed wood comes from old barns and buildings that have been torn down. Sometimes whole buildings are reclaimed byproducts of industries or homes that closed down. When shopping for this type of flooring, ask the store which material was used to build it-you want to ensure that you’re getting a real, high quality product.

Reclaimed oak flooring is not always cheap, but it can be more affordable than a comparable new installation. Even with its lower price, it’s much more durable and can hold up to heavy foot traffic for years. It has a natural elegance that you just can’t find in other materials and will add a lot of value to your home as well as style. Reclaimed oak flooring is one of the most unique types of flooring you can get, and it comes with a lot of history and personality-so go for it!