Buy Swap Sell

I have been asked to supply a page for Worcester Parkarians to advertise the stuff that they would otherwise take to the tip, offer to buy stuff that other people might take to the tip or swap their otherwise tip fodder for someone elses. Here it is. And yes you can advertise freebies, house shares, local jobs and stuff like that too.

Just write your ad in the comments box below and post. Remember to include what you are selling/wanting, a brief description, price and contact details.

The rules:
1. This is for local people to advertise non commercial stuff - not for commercial businesses selling commercial products. There are plenty of other places you can advertise your stuff. Please don't post them here as I will only remove them and bar persistent offenders from posting.

2. Being for local people please don't advertise things that are far away. If someone can't get to you quickly and easily (I'm talking a walk, short bus ride or 10 minutes in the car) from KT4, then please don't advertise here!

3. No posting from anonymous email addresses please - advertised contact email must be the email address that you post from.

4. No advertising illegal stuff (or even morally questionable stuff) and definitely no scams! Anything falling into these categories will be removed and all details given to the police.

5. You are responsible for your own postings and the products you advertise. Please be honest and accurate with your adds. The Worcester Park Blog takes no responsibility for the content of any ads posted here, or for the quality, suitability or reliability of products advertised by third parties (you guys), or the resemblance of actual products to the those advertised.

6. Take precautions when doing your buy/swap/selling. Don't send money (or deposit with any third parties) first. Don't send any personal details like a photocopy of your passport or bank account details. Meet face to face, preferably in a public place and don't carry too much cash. Make sure someone else knows where you are going and has the contact details of who you have agreed to meet and even take someone with you if you would feel safer. If the product isn't what was advertised - don't buy it (and let the Blog know for future reference).

7. Once you have bought/swapped/sold, please let people know by editing, removing or replying to your ad, saying so.

8. Don't abuse this service - use it as intended and everyone will be happy! This is a test run - let me know what you think.