Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Club Developing

Some of you might remember Gary Weaving as the friendly neighbourhood policeman who use to patrol the streets of Worcester Park, others may know him in his current role as head of security on the Hamptons while others still might remember him as the guy who started and ran the angling club at the Hamptons. Few through may know him as a rock singer with a record out, recorded in the 1970s and fewer still may know him as a keen local photographer!

So when he asked me to promote the Cheam Camera Club of which he a a key member I felt it only right to do so. Please see below...

It's not strictly Worcester Park but as Gary pointed out, we don't have a Worcester Park camera club (that either of us can recall) so camera wielding Worcester Parkers now have somewhere they can all congregate and bond... or perhaps that should be converge and develop...

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