Monday, 5 December 2016

Flick O' The Switch

Sticking steadfastly to Christmas themes... The Great Hamptons Christmas Tree Light Up is taking place this Saturday (10th December) at 5:30pm at the top of the hill in the Hamptons (That's Mayflower Park to those in the know...)

This year the lights are being switched on by Paul Scully, our local MP and there will be free mince pies and mulled wine for all (wow!), sponsored by Waitrose and Ivygate, plus carols and festive music.

Everyone from the Hamptons and the whole of Worcester Park is welcome, if not out-rightly encouraged to be there.

The tree is a 25ft Norway Pine sited on the Viewing Circle at the top of Mayflower Park. When lit, it will be visible to most of Worcester Park.

Brighten up your Christmas at The Hamptons on 10th December!

Update (a week later)

Well the rain almost held out and many people turned up for the great light up.

As promised there was plenty of mulled wind, mince pies and others mini gastronomic delights to enjoy.

This year the countdown and switch on was down at Maple Lodge due to the unpredictability of the weather - which worked out well as it was close to the supply of aforementioned gastronomic delights.

Local MP Paul Scully did the honours after getting the children (with everyone joining in) to do a countdown.

The lights went on according to plan. People ooed, ahhred, clapped and made their way up to the tree which can now be seen from many parts of Worcester Park.

The Picture here on the right of the tree with the moon directly above was taken by local Hamptons photographer Michael Leonard. You can see much of his other work adorning Maple Lodge and other places including a couple of large pictures in Natwest in Central Road!