Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Late Night

Worcester Park's famous Christmas Late Night is coming up this Friday (9th December). And whilst this is our traditional night for Christmas festival atmosphere and fun it's worth remembering that this was first set up to allow people to have a night when they can shop locally and do their Christmas shopping without having to go off to Kingston or elsewhere.

We've recently had a few new shops open (I'll get round to covering these soon...) so the high street is surviving but we've had few higher profile places close as well. The high street needs your support to survive and thrive. This night is our local shops trying to make Christmas more convenient for us. Let's return the favour by spending our money locally and helping to keep the area thriving!

This year's event will be a bit scaled back compared to the last few years. Tracy from Cycle Power and Brendan from Pet's Place who have more or less organised it between them for the last few years wanted to step down this year and asked for other volunteers back in the summer to help run it. As nobody stepped forward, it looked as if it might not happen. However they have manged to find the time to still put the event on. As Tracy told the blog:
"Traders are staying open late, we have a choir (maybe 2), funfair and the Christmas arcade. Waitrose are sponsoring the annual colouring comp. Cycle Power have a competition going. Prizes will be handed out to the best times on the Tcax turbo trainer against the virtual velodrome."
It should still be a pretty good night and most importantly, it's a chance to support your local businesses while getting your Christmas shopping sorted out. And given that it's all been organised by local volunteers - it's better than not having anything at all!