Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Charity Christmas Party

I guess the Christmas events notifications have well and truly begun and so herein is another one.

The Emily Ash Trush, a charity based in New Malden which helps improve the lives of children with cancer is putting on a Family Christmas Party at the Holy Cross Church Hall, Adela Avenue, KT3 6LF on Saturday 3rd December from 12 'til 2pm.

Tickets for the event are also on sale now at £5 per family entry.

As part of the celebration, the trust has accumulated a sack full prizes and is having silent auction to distribute them. (Shh!)

The prizes are:

  • Chelsea Soccer School Place RRP £105
  • London Duck Tours Family Ticket RRP £75
  • Snakes and Ladders Soft play 1 adult and 5 children RRP £ 50 ( two available.. perfect birthday party! )
  • Family entry to Hobbledown RRP £44
  • White Spider Climbing session for 6 RRP £111
  • One Term of swimming lessons for January start with Colin Bull RRP £150 ( two available )
  • Dick Wittington at New Wimbledon Theatre Family ticket RRP £100+
  • Delta Force Paintball party for 10 RRP £100

They are also holding a raffle with more prizes(£5 per ticket): 
  • Family entry to London Wetlands centre £35
  • 2 children Birdworld £28
  • 2 children Drusillas £37
  • Kew Gardens £30
  • Little Bears Soft play £10
  • Swim at Guildford lido £6.20
  • Swim at Guildford Spectrum £22.10
  • Lookout discovery Centre £19.60
  • Bocketts Farm £19
  • Dodge ball Family Party £40
  • Ice Rink at Nat History Museum £25
  • Chelsea Soccer School Place £105
  • Delta Force Paintball party for 10 £100
  • One terms swimming lessons £150
  • and many more...

Contact Nickie Murtagh on  07547 628 531 for a ticket to the event, for raffle tickets or to place your bids !

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