Saturday, 9 July 2016

Church Help

Two weeks ago, as I'm fairly sure most people are aware, Britain voted to leave the European Union. I never made any secret of the fact that I was keen for this outcome and went as far as setting out my reasons for this prior to the vote and after attending a debate at St Mary's Church.

I am however saddened that a few ungenerous people have taken the result as some sort of indication that being racist and nasty is somehow now acceptable. This hasn't happened amongst the people whom I have spoken to who might fall into the visual category of expectant victims, but there are reports around of knuckleheaded idiots trying to make people's lives unpleasant simply for not being -or looking - British.

Thankfully most people in WP are decent, reasonable and generous and as comments on a previous post have mostly shown, abhor such behaviour as I do. In fact in some cases the community's response to this is particularly heart warming.

In one such case the lovely people at Christ Church with St Philip are today (Saturday 9th July) opening up the church and having a number of 'stations' where people can think, reflect and pray. This is open from 11am 'til 4pm to anyone at all to go in and feel a welcome part of the community. I would like to stress that this also means people of other religions or no religion. Everyone in welcome - this is a time to come together as a community.

Today is also the church's Summer Fair, which normally packs out the large halls there with fun things to do, see and buy. Either way, today is a good day to pop in to Christ Church with St Philip, which is the one near the corner of Cheam Common Road and Ruskin Drive.