Saturday, 18 June 2016

Mark Of A Good Bike

I have recently noticed the police bike marking tent appearing outside the police office with increased frequency. The reason for this, I found out is that they have adopted a new policy of focusing hard on an area for a while before moving onto the next. The advantage of this is someone without their bike seeing them there can be told they'll be there 'next Saturday' rather than getting them to put a date in their diary four months in advance. It seems to be working as the Police there last Saturday told me they'd been very busy.

In case you didn't know, the whole idea is to get your bike marked with a unique registration number that is put into a police database. If your bike is then ever stolen and recovered by the police they can a) get it back to you, and b) prove that it was stolen - making it less attractive for criminals to steal in the first place.

The next bike marking sessions in Central Road will be:

  • 25th June (Next Saturday)
  • 20th July (Wednesday), and
  • 17th September (Saturday).

All sessions will be from 2-5pm.

So just like this local Dad did for his daughter, get along and get your bike marked.