Saturday, 4 June 2016

Idmiston Assault

It seems a rather unpleasant crime has occurred down in Idmiston Road.

Doing some shopping opposite the Plough this afternoon, I was taken aback to find Idmiston Road closed off with police everywhere. They were remaining tight lipped about the situation but it was clearly pretty serious as there was a forensics team heading in to check out the scene. Being told I could 'watch it on the news' suggested a certain level of severity too.

People who lived in the street were not allowed to leave their homes and those who wanted to get back to their homes were also not able to until the police opened up the road again at around 7pm.

The blog understands that what happened is the following: An oriental looking (possibly Korean) woman aged around 35 years old who lives around Idmiston Road walked into the co-op on the corner looking a bit spaced out. She bought two bottles of wine and then left and got into her car which was 'parked' just inside Idmiston Road.
She apparently had two children in the car with her, a boy and a girl, around the age of 8 and/or 9. After downing the wine it seems she apparently hit the children over their heads with the empty bottles, causing the bottles to break and severely injuring the two children. The woman was taken away by the police and the children were taken to hospital.

I should point out that this is a non-corroborated account and that the police have apparently denied that the assault had anything to do with children.

The blog hopes that everyone affected by this terrible crime is safe and recovering.

Update (5th June - afternoon)

I have received clarifications from people nearby to what happened that both children were girls and also rather unpleasantly that the broken bottles were also used to try to stab the victims. As yet there is still nothing on either the local newspaper website nor any other news channel as far as I can see.

Update (6th June - morning)

The story is now in the Surrey Comet:

The same story is also in the Kingston Guardian and Sutton Guardian.

They have reported that, according to a police spokesman, two children, aged five and seven, had suffered “lacerations to their torsos”.

Very sad.