Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Last weekend there was a serious sense of Royal celebration around the place. It was of course The Queens official 90th Birthday. Several local shops had fitting displays in their windows including this wonderful Queen's Head of coins artwork by Lauren Clement-Delbos. This was part of the display in the QEF shop - 'QEF' appropriately standing for the Queen Elizabeth Trust.

The St. Raphael's Hospice Shop also had a big Royal display as did the new Second Hand Land shop towards the top of road on the right.

It's looked as if Centrals Bar and Lounge was getting into the Royal spirit of things a bit too but that may have just been so something to do with the football...

To top it all off there was a terrific street party in Ruskin Drive on Sunday with the road closed off and many local people out enjoying the day (top picture). Thanks to all those who were kind enough to ask me to sit down and have a drink with them. I wish I had had more time join you all properly...

So impressed was everyone with the efforts made that the Red Arrows made a fly past on Saturday, possibly to express Her Majesty's gratitude to the lovely people of Worcester Park for all their hard work and support... I didn't get a photo of it but the Brinkster did - you can see his photo in this tweet here...

Here is a selection of a few other photos from the weekend...

Ruskin Drive street party complete with Bouncy Castle

The many tents, tables and local residents enjoying the fun.

The QEF window

St Raphael's Window

Her Majesty waves from the window in Second Hand Land. (Not sure who it was being cheered along The Mall at the time).

Centrals getting into the flag waving spirit too - It might just be about the football here but it's all good. Get in...

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