Friday, 27 May 2016

Mini (and Maxi) Soccer School

As the summer does it's best to try and reach us, the green shoots of the next football season are quietly pushing their way through the earth in the form of football trials and training for the new season.

One very positive aspect of this is the Mini Soccer School, for children aged 4 to 6 every Saturday morning 9-10.30am at our very own Worcester Park Football Club. For those who weren't sure - that's all part of the athletics and general sports club on Green Lane. It so happens that young WP Junior goes to school with a couple of lads whose Dad helps run the Mini Soccer School (thanks Tim for the info). And just like the New Malden Little League, I would encourage local young people to get involved. These are fun football sessions for only £5 pay as you go.

For those who don't quite fit the criteria of being between 4 and 6, there are age group from under 7 through to under 16. The person to speak to about all this is Leslie Thomas who can be contacted on 07901 584 989.

The club are also running three adult (over 18) teams next season and are looking for local players to add to the squads. Pre season training/trials start 28th June over at Manor Park.

For more information on all these things, please see their website here.