Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Moggie Needs Meds

I have been informed about a cat out there that needs to be found before her medication wears off. Details below:

Name: Zoe or Zots
Description: Black small female cat with nick out of right ear, shaved patches on each of her sides, her stomach and her front left paw.
Last seen: Monday 28th at around 2pm, Washington Road, high street end.
"Please could you check your sheds and garages, she needs medication and never misses meals."
They we have only had her for about 6 months and are getting a bit worried. Please contact Patt Foad: 07743 226 652 or Leo Foad: 07707 585 394 if found.

Update (31st March)


Zoe has been located and brought safely back home. According to her owners:
"She was in an empty house with a catflap that wasn't locked properly so it allowed her in but not out again. She has had her medicine with her food today and is scheduled for the vet tomorrow for her treatment. 
Apart from a couple of pounds lost she is no worse for wear and we would like to thank everyone who shared the blog post and looked for her, it meant so much to know that we weren't the only ones looking. 
It makes us very happy to live in Worcester Park."
Thanks everyone who helped. It's nice when something works out well in the end.