Sunday, 28 February 2016

Help Improve Thames Avenue

Most Worcester Parkers are familiar with the Hamptons and most will know that some parts of the Hamptons don't look like the New England film set style that people tend to associate with the area, but were built as social housing.

The Hamptons management, in conjunction with TVHA who run the social housing side have put together a plan to give something to one of these areas to help improve it for the local people there.

The plan is to transform the green on Thames Avenue into a pleasant outdoor meeting area with seating and some landscaping. The plan was put to Tesco Express for consideration for their 'Bags Of Help' scheme which raises money for local community projects by people dropping a token in one of three slots (a bit like the Waitrose 'Community Matters' that many people would know quite well.) However instead of splitting the money proportionally based on the number of token each cause gets, the three causes are ranked by the number of tokens and the one with the highest number wins £12,000, the next one wins £10,000 and the third wins £8,000.

The Hamptons' proposal managed to get onto the list and so is in the running to win £12,000.

I popped into the Tesco Express opposite Plough Green yesterday (Saturday 27th February) and found their box near to the counter on the right. The Hamptons Scheme for Thames Avenue is the one in the middle called "Thames Avenue Green Community Rejuvenation". It wasn't immediately obvious as I was looking something that began with 'The Hamptons...' but there it is, eagerly awaiting the dropping in of your token... You can even get a token by just buying a chocolate bar.

The opportunity only lasts until next Sunday (6th March) so every time you happen to be in (or even near) Tesco Express next week, please obtain a token and put it in the Thames Avenue slot to help improve the Thames Avenue area in the Hamptons.

The scheme sees a number of stores in an overall area offering the same three projects so if you happen to be in a different Tesco Express store not too far away, check to see if they have the same projects on offers. You never know, your token could be the one that adds an extra £2000 to the money helping people in Worcester Park.