Monday, 1 February 2016

Go Slumming

I often get mail from people who are looking to promote something in Worcester. I guess they've done a search for Worcester Blogs or some such thing and put all the results in a database for mass emailings later on.

One recent one which came through was interesting none the less. It began:
"Dear Denz (sic), 
I wondered if you may be able to help me spread the word about a new BBC living history series in the Worcester area. We are hoping to find participants to take part in an experiment where modern day people will live for 3 weeks as Victorians did in 1870. Ideally, we would like to find families and couples whose ancestors may have struggled living in the poorest areas of Victorian Britain, who now lead a comfortable lifestyle and would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity. 
Given the nature of your website, The Worcester Park Blog, I wondered if you may have a mailing list of contacts or businesses in the area that you could pass some details along to?"
I felt it best to set the poor soul straight and so replied:
"Hi Laura, 
Thanks for your email, 
Worcester Park in on the London/Surrey border and nowhere near Worcester. If you wanted to change it to the Worcester Park area I'd be happy to help. 
All the best 
Surprisingly she replied back saying they "would be very interested in spreading the word around the London and Surrey areas. We are hoping to find people who have a connection to the East End of London or whose ancestors may have struggled in some of the poorer parts of Victorian Britain."

And so dear reader, an opportunity beckons for all those frustrated celebrities who wouldn't mind living like their ancestors did in the Victorian Slums. (They could set it in Victoria House - appropriately our very own slum!) Please see the poster here for more details - click on it for a larger version.

You can also visit the Wall To Wall (production company) website, email them or phone them on 0207 241 9228 if you are interested.