Sunday, 21 February 2016

Double Post

Since their opening on Thursday, Central Road has been treated to a new mini grocery shop - soon to become post office. The new shop (on the left in the photo above) took over the old Prospects Recruitment premises and added a new section on at the back where the new Post Office counters are (See left).

The new Post office was supposed to open last week as well but was held up by things not being quite ready yet. It will now be opening on Tuesday afternoon at 1pm.

Meanwhile the shop next door - the old Post Office is in the final throes of closing down and clearing out. However it is still operating the post office facility at the back, even while the shop is in its current state (see right).

The old Post Office will close for the last time on Monday, meaning there will be no Post Office facilities on Tuesday morning until the new one opens at 1pm.

The new post office will be open from early in the morning until late at night - the same hours as the shop is open.

Update (26th February)

Local resident Terry Aves had the honour of being the very first customer at the new counter. He was very pleased to tell us the news at the WPRA meeting last night and might get his face in the local paper!