Friday, 19 February 2016

Car Crash Traffic Jam

A rather unpleasant crash out the front of Worcester Park station was to blame for this afternoon's extra slow and heavy traffic. A grey car heading towards New Malden along Malden Road seems to have slammed into a red car driving across the towards Park Terrace just after 3:00pm.

The road was blocked for a couple of hours after that while emergency services did their work. The grey vehicle was removed first and then the red one, leaving markings on the round around where they had been. 

The traffic was banked all the way from London Road one way and down to the A3 the other way with reports of people not even being able to get in and out of Stone Place because of the local gridlock. Good thing it was during half term of the school traffic would have made it even worse.

Thanks to blog reader Richard for two of the photos here.

Update (20th February)

A man had been arrested after fleeing the scene of yesterdays crash: