Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year New Fish

It probably hasn't escaped many people's notice that the situation with Kingfish is once again in flux (Thanks Nichu and Tony England for raising initial awareness).

The previous owners sadly lasted less than a year having opened in February. There is a partnership of three new owners and I spoke to two of them (Umit and Joe) yesterday. The biggest (or at least most noticeable) change will be the that the name is changing. 'Kingfish' will be no more, 'Pavilion' shall be the new name of Kingfish.

They are not greatly altering the internals however they are looking to bring back a little of the dark wood charm that was there before.They are hoping to open on Monday 18th January. The other big news is that they will be offering everything at half price on opening day (two and a half weeks away). Given that their work is mainly decorative and not structural they are fairly confident about their opening date. So if you like to plan you meals ahead, remember Monday 18th January will be fish and chip day at Pavilion!