Sunday, 10 January 2016

Iceland Loses Power

Shoppers today were confronted by two large power generators and a large hole blocking half the footpath into Stone Place. The whole saga began last night when Iceland (and the flats above) all lost power when their dedicated electricity cable threw a wobbly and burnt out.

UK Power Networks were soon on the scene digging down to find the reason for the sudden power loss. Meanwhile Generators were brought in this morning to at least keep the supermarket running (there's another one around the other side for the flats.)

It seems the whole length of the cable is damaged so it may still take a while (and some luck) to get the job finished.

Apparently however there is no truth in the rumour that Iceland will be changing their name to SoggyPuddleLand. (Seriously though I hope they didn't lose too much frozen stock).

Update (16th January)

It's nearly a week later and the generators are still there.

I spoke to the manager briefly who said that luckily they had not lost any stock. The freezers have a built in backup that lasts for around 12 hours so as long as they were able to get the generators in within 12 hours of the power loss, which they did, all the stock was safe.