Saturday, 5 December 2015

Today's Christmas Fairs

The multitude and variety of Christmas fairs (or fayres if you like) is piling up. Today's cabs off the rank are the Worcester Park Library Christmas Craft fair and the Christ Church With St Philips Christmas Fair...

The Worcester Park Library Christmas Craft Fair is on until 3pm this afternoon - breaking with the recent tradition of holding this on the same day at the Worcester Park Christmas Late Night (this year to be held on the 11th December).

As usual there are oodles of craft based bits 'n' pieces to purchase from the lovely ladies who run the Library Craft Club and this event. They are also offering their usual free tea and coffee and slices of cake for 50p! It was looking quite busy when I popped in earlier so get down there to as not to miss out.

Coming up at 2pm is the Christmas Fair at Christ Church With St Philip (until 4:30pm) with lots on there as well. With careful timing you can get to this one after the Library one...

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