Thursday, 10 December 2015

Runaway Bus

For the few who haven't yet heard, on Tuesday morning Church Hill Road in North Cheam (just the other side of London Road - in fact it begins just behind Victoria House) became a scene of destruction after a 93 bus ploughed through several cars, lamp posts and front gardens. Four people were treated for minor injuries and it was just a mater of luck that no one was killed.

One father pulled his 5 year old son to safety in the back garden when it looked as if the bus was going to hit their house (it missed and hit neighbours cars instead.)

According to the driver, the brakes failed on the bus.

Rather than me repeating the whole story here however - this has been written about thoroughly in the local Sutton Guardian here and here (complete with aftermath video) and also made some national papers (here's the Evening Standard report).

Thanks to blog reader Alex Leadon for the photos here.