Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Library Feedback

Several people have written to me recently to ask me to publicise the current issues regarding Sutton's Libraries. While I would normally stick fairly closely to Worcester Park specific issues, there is chance our Library may be affected so I am including this post.

Sutton Council have put together a survey which you can fill in in about 10 minutes. For background information please see the consultation document and the public meeting write up. Please be quick if you want to fill in this survey as I think is closes tomorrow.

There is also a a very quick petition regarding the Mobile Library.

I do find myself wondering why they are thinking of closing Beddington Library to save £50,000 per year or the mobile library to save £166,000 per year when they are poring nearly half a million pounds per year into subsiding the Life Centre in Sutton North. The library section of this building could be kept running for far less than this and the extraneous stuff could be used far more efficiently and save enough to probably keep both Beddington and the mobile Library running in Sutton, and keep the rest of our libraries secure as well. This plan was all set out by Cllr Tim Crowley on radio Jackie earlier this year. But hey ho...