Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Haarts Are Trumps

Serial local organiser of community themed and charitable activities for children and adults alike, Richard Johnson has brought another idea out of his hat. This time it is a Worcester Park themed card game inspired by Top Trumps. Richard sent me a pretty good description of how this came about... so over to you Richard...
During the autumn, when undertaking a children’s treasure hunt in the high street, Daniel Short (manager of Haart estate agents) told me his company were interested in financially supporting a local themed and orientated community project. Could I suggest something appropriate?
I grew up in the 1970s, when “Top Trumps” were a popular, playground pastime. And I was aware that they have made a strong comeback in recent decades, notably at the time of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And subsequently, releasing card sets alongside Star Wars and James Bond movies.
I suggested commissioning a playable game like Top Trumps, featuring a pack of cards based on the more attractive aspects of Worcester Park. It turned out that Dan had also been a childhood Top Trumps player and similarly held fond memories – he loved the idea!
If I could produce a full deck of 40 cards, devise categories that would provide a numerical value and common to everything from shops to parks, via youth groups, sports clubs and churches, then this would provide a playable game and Haart would be able to support it – with 50% of the funding.

The Worcester Park Trumps pack:
Thus, of the 40 cards, haart agreed to sponsor 20. I decided to split the pack into two halves: non-commercial (sponsored by haart) and commercial. The latter was represented by 20 local independent traders, who were all extremely generous and delighted to support a local project.
Alongside 20 independent traders (who each sponsored their own card) were 20 cards depicting:

  • 4 local youth groups*
  • 4 local sports clubs
  • 4 local churches*
  • 4 local parks*
  • Both local libraries* (both Sutton and Kingston have one in KT4)
  • Worcester Park railway station
  • Main sponsor: Haart estate agent
(*The cards are deliberately diverse, to represent Old Malden, Cuddington and Sutton wards.)
To make the game function like ‘Top Trumps’, I came up with 5 categories:

  • Number of years established
  • Number of staff
  • Street (house/shop) address number
  • Days open per week
  • Minutes’ walk to Worcester Park Station
The final category was particularly liked by haart. It showed that virtually everything in Worcester Park is but a few minutes’ walk from the local railway station: an attractive, convenient aspect for families considering moving to the area.
Funding and charitable objective:
As agreed, haart supplied £180 and the 20 traders each supplied £15 each, which included a pack of cards priced at £5.
The total cost of 100 packs was £360 making the cost price £3.60 per pack.
The selling price of each pack is £5.
Each pack sold therefore provides a profit of £1.40 while the original £3.60 will be rotated and reinvested in more packs until we can’t sell any more.
All of that £1.40 profit will be donated to a local charity. 
Where can they be purchased?
Worcester Park trump card games are on sale at three locations in Worcester Park:

  • Haart estate agents (near the top of Central Road).
  • Caché ladies boutique (near the bottom of Central Road).
  • Toy Shed toy shop (At the centre of town, opposite the library car park, in Windsor Road.)
Keeping within the local theme, these shops have agreed to support the Children’s Trust at Tadworth.

(This is a charity which assists children with brain injuries, sometimes with outstanding success: Dorking born Sophia Warner was born with cerebral palsy. As a child, she received specialist treatment. At London 2012, she represented Great Britain, as a Paralympics sprinter and is now an ambassador for the charity).

I look forward to purchasing a pack - and I trust none of the 40 feature Donald...