Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Change Central

The ongoing process of change in Worcester Park's retail precinct has once again reached a critical mass and as such I now feel compelled to report on it.

Starting near the top of the high street, readers may have noticed the old Beds To Go shop (which spawned Wise Beds a few doors down) has nearly completed its transformation into 'Secondhand Land', a shop that sell (and buys) second hand furniture.

I spoke to the new owners (Paul and Ava) a few weeks ago who told me they were hoping to be open by Christmas. However I have rarely seen a shop that has actually opened on the original planed date and it so far looks as if they may have trouble meeting that particular goal. They will of course be an additional second hand furniture dealer almost opposite Bob's red second hand furniture shop almost directly across the road.

Moving straight down to where the old Geranium charity shop used to be, we now have (as of yesterday) a new Polish shop. The Swojska Chatka Polski Sklep opened it's doors yesterday morning and has so far been very busy. This is of course also the second of two such similar shops in the area with the Smak emporium at the very top of the high street (some would say in a separate area entirely) still going strong.

Turning left into Windor Road, the minicab office closed a little over a month ago, lasting just over a year in business. Conveniently some local business were able to use the shop as a mini one night only popup shop during Christmas Late Night this year. This included Helen Overton with her Forever Living Aloe Vera range and local photographer Michael Leonard with a selection of photos.

On the corner or Longfellow Road - opposite the Halifax there used to be a Vets. Tucked in behind there was a small beauty salon known as Glitz n Glam. Well it seems there's more money in hair and beauty than dog and cat worming because the vets has gone and Glitz n Glam has taken over the whole building.

Looking a tad further Down Central Road - On the 3rd of December people started receiving letters from HSBC telling them that our Worcester Park branch would be closing on the 28th of February next year. So whilst this is not yet a change, this is a pending sad loss to our high street.

Of course we all know about Mr Ink already.

Just up from the now permanently closed Ink Spot, used to be Prospects Recruitment (and their famous doorbell). Back in May a notice was put up about moving the Post Office into the now derelict retail space. Well it seems some work has now begun in that space so watch this *ehem* space.

Up at the very top of the high street - in the curved section the old 'My Travel Expert' shop which used to be Ace Accountancy Service before that, has sadly gone but has perhaps poetically returned to being an accountancy firm in Tax Affinity.

Meanwhile over in Dorchester Road the barbershop which popped up in September last year has closed down. I did get a haircut here which was absolutely fine (mind you my hair isn't very complicated). The guy running the place was very nice so I was sad to see it go.

It was replaced briefly by a fireworks shop however it was looking to open again very soon as a hair salon.