Sunday, 29 November 2015

Having Remembered

This years remembrance service turned out to be a special one. After last year's 100th anniversary of the start of WW1, I was half expecting the turnout to be a little diminished in comparison. However as usual it was standing room only at the memorial after a packed church service at Christ Church with St Philip with the new Reverend Stephanie Nadarajah (who did a very good job). In fact it was so packed that a bunch of us had to watch proceedings on the screen in the hall next door.

It was also special because this year I took along WP Junior to experience it all for himself. - Lest we or our children forget.

As usual the RBL was very welcoming to all afterwards and continued the event and entertainment with a Scottish Piper and then Dave Marrion's Big Band.

My apologies for taking a few weeks to get these pictures of the day up for you. Time is very short at the moment with new WP Junior #2 - so I'm having a catch up this weekend...

Here they are...