Saturday, 24 October 2015

Kids Autumn Art Challenge

For all those children and parents who have enjoyed the periodic high street colouring, spotting and collecting competitions, here is another one for the half term week, based on Autumn.

Regular organiser of these events, Richard Johnson wrote:
"Following on from the Easter art challenge and some truly impressive and creative entries, it’s clear we have some budding younger artists in KT4, so here’s another opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills and techniques…
Worcester Park’s children are invited to create their own artistic design, based the theme of ’Autumn’ and enter it in  the competition, sponsored by Sainsbury’s Worcester Park.
It could be falling leaves, rising fireworks, a face on a pumpkin, or any other subject connected to autumn.
Three Prizes will be awarded to the three most creative designs entered.
Entrants can use any material or medium to construct your design, including downloading a form on a computer, designing it onscreen and printing it.
Entry is completely FREE.
Entrants can also enter as many times as they like.
Simply pick up (from Sainsbury’s Worcester Park) or download and print the entry form and create your design on it.
Write you name on the rear of the form and ask a parent to add their phone number (so Sainsbury’s can let them know if you have won a prize).
Simply hand in your entry, in store at Sainsbury’s Local (Worcester Park), by Wednesday 28th October 2015.
And Good Luck!"
So there you have it. Download the form above - click on it to enlarge and then right click to 'Save As' and then print it out!