Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Extraordinary Police Ward Panel Public Meeting

As many blog readers may already know, I was elected chair of the Worcester Park Residents Association (WPRA) in July. A recent tradition means that I also chair the Worcester Park Police Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel. It is with this hat on that I have called a public meeting this Friday which I would like to invite the residents of Worcester Park to.

The following is the message which I have sent out to members of the WPRA:
There has been concern recently about possible changes to the local neighbourhood policing due to possible savings needing to be found from the police budget. 
As chair of the Worcester Park Police Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel (as well as the WPRA), I have called an extraordinary Ward Panel meeting and it has been recently decided to open this up to the wider public so this important issue can be discussed in public so we as a community can make known our views on the future of local policing in Worcester Park. 
Both our London Assembly Member, Steve O'Connell and our new MP Paul Scully have agreed to be present and speak at the meeting to give us an inside view of the situation, and also listen to our concerns and take our views back to the next level on our behalf. 
The meeting has been organised for this coming Friday 30th October at Maple Lodge in the Hamptons at 7:30pm.
This will be a chance to find out with greater clarity what is happening with local police, raise our concerns about this with Steve O'Connell AM and Paul Scully MP, and most importantly stand up for our local community and the police who keep us safe.

Remember - this Friday 30th October, 7:30pm at Maple Lodge (the large building with the clock on top) in The Hamptons,

Hope to see you there...