Saturday, 24 October 2015

Bumpy Journey

When I first spotted this notice above out of the corner of my eye, I assumed it was to persuade me to buy some cheap windows or sell a wrecked car or something. It was only having read 'Advanced Warning' that I decided to take a proper look and found that a bunch of roads are going to be closed to traffic next week. This must be the Council saving money on logos.

Notices being put through letterboxes in the local area make it a bit clearer what is happening. Browning Avenue, Dorchester Road and Langley Avenue (basic the S3 bus route apart from Green Lane) are having their old speed humps replaced with new ones.

This is another part of the traffic frustration measures (known paradoxically as traffic calming) which included Green Lane back in August.

Not everyone is happy with this. I bumped into Terry Aves who has being campaigning for the removal of these speed humps in Browning Avenue and to have them replaced with chicanes and flashing speed signs for a long time. Terry, a resident of Browning Avenue for 30 years, was very angry and quite happy to go on the record about his frustrations. He told the blog:
"These speed humps serve no purpose at all. The cars go right through them. They end up damaging cars.
The lorries still go down the road without slowing down. I have a hump right outside my house and the whole house shakes.
I've been on at the council 'til I'm blue in the face. They just don't seem to take any notice.
It's about time they have a rethink and put up electronic signs like the one in Green Lane and some chicanes but they don't want to spend the money. They're happy to spend the money on replacing all the speed humps though."
Well at least they've chosen half term week to do the work!