Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Tentative Crossrail Sucess

It appears our campaign may have succeeded in bringing Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park!

Crossrail 2 have begun another consultation but unlike previous consultations, where Worcester Park was missing as a station stop on the maps, this time there is a fact sheet showing Worcester Park, Stoneleigh and Ewell West as proposed stations along the route (thanks blog reader Doug for an early pointer on this).

On the consultation page there is a list of fact sheets, one of which is about the Epsom to Worcester Park regional branch. The main subheading of this states that:
"New Crossrail 2 services are proposed to serve all stations between Worcester Park and Epsom, with at least 4 trains per hour in each direction operating directly to, and across, central London."
There is also a table which shows that Worcester Park will end up with 8 trains per hour to Central London during peak times (an increase of 2) and it shows that all trains coming from Epsom will stop here.

I want to thank everyone who supported our campaign by signing our petition, or keeping one in their shop or just responding to the consultation.

Steve O'Connell AMThanks must also go to local London Assembly member Steve O'Connell who has supported the campaign both on the ground and by keeping the pressure up on Boris.

Claire Perry MP and Paul Scully MP at Worcester Park stationAnd also to Paul Scully MP who has supported the campaign from the beginning, and bringing transport minister at the time, Claire Perry MP down to see the situation for herself.

And perhaps also to Boris himself whom I accosted on the issue every time I saw him.

It is not time to rest on our laurels just yet though. This is still only a proposal and not yet set in stone. I would urge everyone to respond to the consultation, filling in both the South West Branches section and also the compulsory About You section.

I responded earlier today and made the comment:
"It is with great relief, happiness and satisfaction that I see the Crossrail 2 is now proposed to serve Worcester Park station. Please do not let this be a temporary proposal. It is very important that Worcester Park be part of the Crossrail 2 network and I urge you to set this proposal in stone."
It has also bee noted that Worcester Park has not been included on a series of 66 ‘roadshow’ events at which Crossrail 2 staff will be available to answer questions. I have asked Paul Scully to ask why this is, at meeting he is having with Crossrail 2 representatives next week. I'm hoping part of the answer will be because Worcester Park now has what it wants, and hopefully we will be included on such events in the future. That said there are such events in Epsom and Raynes Park which I'm sure we will be welcome to visit with the same questions.

Update (12 minutes past 6 pm)

I have just received an email from Cllr Kevin Davis (Leader of Kingston Council and councillor for Old Malden ward - part of Worcester Park, in fact the ward containing Worcester Park station), stating:
"I can confirm we have managed to get Worcester Park included in the Crossrail 2 project."
Hip hip...