Monday, 14 September 2015

Work Your Net

When you get involved in the 'goings on' of a community one of the things you notice quite quickly is that there a small group of people who tend to be very involved with many or most of the things going on. (Yes I am guilty of being in this department.) While that group of us all get to know each other rather well, the problem is that the vast majority of people who make up the community are not part of most of these events or groups and their voices are not heard as much as they should be when it come to making things happen in the local area.

This problem has always existed as anyone who has gone along to a few community events will recognise. You will tend to see the same 'usual suspects' at the North Cheam and Worcester Park Local Committee, the Neighbourhood Watch meetings, the Worcester Park Residents' Association (which I now chair), and other local events. And whilst I would heap praise on these people who go and speak up for their communities and take the time to try to ensure their communities are protected and improved - we are all at constant pains to try to get more people involved so as to hear from a wider range of people.

It is in that spirit that a Worcester Park Networking Event has been organised by (yet another local group - which I also sit on) - The Worcester Park Stakeholders Group, to foster and build relationships between local business owners, local councillors and other local 'stakeholders'.

According to Cllr Richard Marston who has done most of the organising for this event:
"It is intended to give them a chance to meet representatives of other local businesses plus invited guests and local councillors. 
It is an informal format of a chat over a drink so nobody will be required to give a speech or presentation. It will also provide an opportunity for local organisations to recruit new members."
The event itself is being conveniently hosted by the Royal British Legion in Central Road (69-73 Central Rd, KT4 8EB for those who don't know) this coming Wednesday evening from 6:00pm until 8:00pm.

It is a chance for local business people in particular to meet a few more like minded people in the community and also some of the people who represent the community and exchange ideas, views and possibly even one or two criticisms! The event is free however it would be preferred if people would register beforehand.

And while you'll probably see some of the same faces you have seen around the place at other local event, hopefully you and (and also we) will see some new faces there!