Monday, 28 September 2015

A Front To Decent Parking

I have been been contacted by The People's Front Of Buckland Way on more than one occasion regarding school-run-parking and particularly the occasional flamboyant examples witnessed in the area.

The People's Front refers to:
"The crazy parking antics of [these car parkers] - one obviously with an allergic reaction to kerbs..."
and asks
"Is there anything that could be done to restrict parking on this corner as although reasonably empty of cars in this picture, you only need a parent or child crossing the road on the corner (which is common) using the alleyway to cross to the Hamptons when a car comes speeding round the corner and hit them. 
It's amazing that we have a lollipop lady in Yippee outside of the school, but this heavily used part of Buckland Way has no protection to pedestrians crossing the road. 
How there hasn't been an accident so far I am amazed (and mightily relieved) but with the additional pupils now attending the expanded Dorchester, surely it is only time..!"
I do have to put my hand up at this point. As the parent of one WP Junior at Dorchester I have been known, on occasion, to leave my vehicle somewhere not greatly removed from this general area. However I do plead that that at no time did I park illegally. There are no yellow lines here and provided vehicles are parked properly against the kerb, no law has been broken.

However I do take the point made by TPFOBW (who also makes the case that "this corner needs double yellow lines on both sides of the road.")

This is the age old argument of convenience vs safety and where the line should be drawn. Some would argue that if everyone parked legally and followed the local 20mph limit (and just drove carefully and responsibly) there wouldn't be a problem. So the solution is one of enforcement. Others would argue that because some people don't always park legally or follow the speed limit or just drive carefully and responsibly, that we need to add more restrictions.

People will always be running late and feel the need to drive their littleuns to the school gate. (We can encourage alternatives but can't pretend people won't choose the most convenient option when they have too much to get done in too little a time.) There will never be enough parking space right outside any school for them all and cars will always try to find the closest place they can. Personally I would like to see a bit more enforcement of the current rules.

Perhaps an answer might also be a raised crossing in Buckland Way opposite the path through to the Hamptons. This would make cars expect to see children crossing here and slow them down where it is necessary. What do you think dear reader?

Then again of course it could have all been a dastardly conspiracy hatched by the those rotters, The Bucklandean People's Front...