Thursday, 6 August 2015

Kerfuffle At Kingfish And KFC

Shortly after arriving home from work I spotted a message from a Blog reader saying:
"Jets vs Sharks in WP - anyone know what's going on in the high street now (5.15pm)? Group of youths kettled by police on Green Lane opposite the chippy; black kid in handcuffs outside Poundland; and more kids detained by police halfway down Donnington Road!! One of them was being put in the back of a police van when I walked past."
I had unfortunately missed all the 'fun' by the time I got back but several local witnesses were able to corroborate the report and add some extra detail.

Apparently it started just after 5:00pm when a group of youths hanging out at the bus stop outside KFC went in and purchased some food. They proceeded to make a disgusting mess with their food in the restaurant section, requiring all the staff having to go and give it a 'deep clean' afterwards. The youths, described as being about 17 years old, then headed somewhat boisterously down the road to outside Kingfish where the above reported 'altercation' with the police occurred. Witnesses reported two youths being handcuffed by the police outside Poundland (opposite side of Central Road for those more geographically challenged readers).

Well done to the police for taking the matter seriously and restoring order to the area...