Saturday, 1 August 2015

Further High Street Changes

Around a month ago the blog reported the closing of some of our local shops. It's not quite all doom and gloom though.

Lets start with a loud cheer for the old Ladbrokes being turned into an estate agents! ...*crickets*...

Well anyway the Hunters estate agents which thought they'd start by giving themselves a shop-front full of publicity should be opening in about 4 weeks - so end of Augustish.

Also while it was reported that 'Bed To Go' was just moving down the road, the new beds shop is clearly not under the 'Beds To Go' umbrella and it would seem the stock has been transferred to a new 'Wise Beds' business.

Speaking (or writing) of Beds To Go, a rumour has been heard that the old shop may become another furniture shop. A further rumour has been heard that the old Motor Spares shop may become a beauticians... Mind you there seem to be quite a number of beauticians, nail bars and hairdressers already in the high street. I am wondering if the lovely people of Worcester Park could be any more beautiful...