Thursday, 16 July 2015

TV Alternative

This coming Saturday (18th July) the Royal British Legion are putting on a big entertainment night (which actually they rather often do) featuring TV impersonator Chris Gee and Zoe Sharman.

I'm told this is a great and funny show with them doing a whole evening of impersonating various famous people including comedians, TV stars, singers etc.

Tickets are £6 each available on the door. They will be welcoming non members also. So if you have been thinking of joining and want to come along and see what they're all about - here's a great opportunity... (There is no obligation to join!)

So if the thought of staring at boring old TV personalities on the box this Saturday night just gets too much to bare, try coming down and seeing a live (and probably much funnier) version of all of them at the RBL. And also you'll be helping raise money for a very worthy cause.