Sunday, 12 July 2015

Flipping 'Eck!

Red car flipped upside down - from rearThere seems to have been no shortage of car accidents over the last week or so. With two separate incidents of cars rolling down hills (one into Windsor Road, the other blocking a car in Stone place), the 'smash and run away' incident on Friday and also on Friday this doozy...

Red car flipped upside down - from front.Apparently it was caused by a rather 'inexperienced' driver having nicked someone else's car. While cruising down Braemar Road they look to have hit the rear wheel of a 4x4 which, even though not at great speed, caused the car to flip over. The driver is understood to have crawled out.

According to one witness (thanks to blog reader, Rosalind)...
"There were two young girls in the car. Although both not seriously hurt they did go to hospital and caused much distress to the neighbours helping. (Holding necks in place, etc until the ambulance came). The one neighbour could not sleep all of Friday thanks to what she witnessed and dealt with."
It is unsurprising that at the very least they will have needed to see a sister...

Also shown here is the damage done to the rear wheel of the 4x4.

(Thanks to a Blog reader for 2 of the photos.)

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