Tuesday, 21 July 2015

An Small Error.

While I heartily agree with the sentiment of our new decorative banner near the station, I was both amused and slightly saddened to see the last line hadn't quite managed to climb over the grammar bar. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

As one reader who contacted me put it:
"Have you seen the banner on the fence by the station from Sutton Council? I guess the proof reader had the day off!"

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Birthday Central

If this coming Saturday is still looking like a bit of a blank canvass, then Central's Bar 4th Birthday celebrations might be your thing. The sports bar at the bottom end of Central Road is turning 4 and is celebrating with free beer - that's one free Heineken in the beer garden while you enjoy the afternoon BBQ and the kids enjoy the bouncy castle.

You can also stay on and listen to Soul Central (also to be found on a Friday night along with Funk 'n' Disco).

There is certainly plenty of entertainment in Central Road this Saturday - with this and the RBL doing comedy. And lots of birthday type celebrations too between this and the WP Key.

Invite your friends and make an occasion of it!

TV Alternative

This coming Saturday (18th July) the Royal British Legion are putting on a big entertainment night (which actually they rather often do) featuring TV impersonator Chris Gee and Zoe Sharman.

I'm told this is a great and funny show with them doing a whole evening of impersonating various famous people including comedians, TV stars, singers etc.

Tickets are £6 each available on the door. They will be welcoming non members also. So if you have been thinking of joining and want to come along and see what they're all about - here's a great opportunity... (There is no obligation to join!)

So if the thought of staring at boring old TV personalities on the box this Saturday night just gets too much to bare, try coming down and seeing a live (and probably much funnier) version of all of them at the RBL. And also you'll be helping raise money for a very worthy cause.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Join The Residents

Tonight is the Worcester Park Residents' Association's Annual General Meeting (or The WPRA AGM for those who like acronyms). The WPRA has been around since 1996 and was formed in order to oppose the building of a supermarket which has more or less morphed into the Waitrose we now all know and love (or love to hate).

It was the WPRA which coordinated the fight against the Mosque proposal under the chairmanship of (now councillor) Arthur Hookway (and then Hughie Byrne) and previously the fight against expansion of the Hamptons under the chairmanship of Ian Elvey.

Tonight is your opportunity, dear reader, to come along to our meeting, to see, hear and even influence the future direction of the WPRA, and the sorts of issues we tackle in the future. Last year I was asked to be the deputy chair of the WPRA, and being that our chair Hughie Byrne is not available, I will be chairing the meeting in his place.

The meeting is being held at Christ Church with St Philip, Corner of Cheam Common Road and Ruskin Drive, KT4 8LG and begins at 7:30pm. So if you are at a loose end this evening, care about your local community and want to have your say or just find out a little more, please come along, join up (for just £1 per household) and be part of the Worcester Park voice.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Key Birthday

The Worcester Park Key is one year old and local traders are celebrating with a special 1st Birthday Edition. Just in this past year, the local buying public have saved thousands of pounds by shopping locally with their Key card, taking advantage of the various discounts and bonuses offered by numerous shops in and around the Central Road/Windsor Road area.

Raj who owns Preview Menswear and has been the driving force behind the scheme told the Blog that there has been very positive feedback and new traders have also signed up. He said:
"We are now putting more in to the website, worcesterparkkey.co.uk which will give details of offers with some being exclusive to the website; we are also now going to promote it more on Facebook & Twitter. The KEY will be  delivered from 16th July to households locally and there after, available in shops displaying the key logo."
It's great to see a local traders scheme like this going from strength to strength, helping out both local residents and traders alike. Hats off to Raj and the team for making it happen.

8,000 copies will be going out to local homes from Thursday so keep a lookout for your key over the next few days and make sure you thumb through and see some of what's available in your local high street.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Flipping 'Eck!

Red car flipped upside down - from rearThere seems to have been no shortage of car accidents over the last week or so. With two separate incidents of cars rolling down hills (one into Windsor Road, the other blocking a car in Stone place), the 'smash and run away' incident on Friday and also on Friday this doozy...

Red car flipped upside down - from front.Apparently it was caused by a rather 'inexperienced' driver having nicked someone else's car. While cruising down Braemar Road they look to have hit the rear wheel of a 4x4 which, even though not at great speed, caused the car to flip over. The driver is understood to have crawled out.

According to one witness (thanks to blog reader, Rosalind)...
"There were two young girls in the car. Although both not seriously hurt they did go to hospital and caused much distress to the neighbours helping. (Holding necks in place, etc until the ambulance came). The one neighbour could not sleep all of Friday thanks to what she witnessed and dealt with."
It is unsurprising that at the very least they will have needed to see a sister...

Also shown here is the damage done to the rear wheel of the 4x4.

(Thanks to a Blog reader for 2 of the photos.)

Home Is Where Affair Is

It's on again.

Two year ago I happened upon the most amasing charitable local event: Jean and Tony, at 43 Courtenay Road had turned their back garden into a summer fayre event to rival those of many schools churches and other institutions.

They have been opening their home to the public like this, twice a year for around 7 years now, in order to raise money for St Raphael's Hospice - a very important local charity. Each year sees a Summer Affair in July and then a Christmas one in December.

They spend a great deal of their own money, time and effort during the year preparing for these events, helped by family and friends. And the results are astonishing. They have managed to raise close to £1000 each event for the charity in recent years and have actually hit the mark a couple of times.

It only costs £1 to get in and is well worth it. Being a private home, the feel of the event is more like a friendly garden party than a fund raising event. There are prizes to be won, cakes and other yummies to enjoy and many bargains to be had; but overall it is a very pleasant afternoon to just go along and enjoy.

Everyone is welcome!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Car Not Al-White

I received a message from a Blog reader in Windsor Road this morning. He wrote:
"Hope the person who drove into my car in Windsor Ave last night between 5.20 & 5.40pm and didn't leave their details is proud of themselves."
It seems the culprit left quite a bit of white paint left behind embedded in this gentleman's car. If you spot a white vehicle that has suddenly acquired a corresponding streak of blue paint, perhaps on a front corner, and might have been in Windsor Road yesterday evening, please pass the details on...

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Another Fun Day

It's summer and this is traditionally the time when every school, community group and local institution decides to hold an annual fun event to bring the community together and perhaps raise some money. I have tried to list all such festivities going on within the bounds of KT4 but please pardon me if I miss any!

With this in mind I should alert you to the Richard Calloner School Fun Day tomorrow (Sunday 5th) starting at 12 midday at the school, at the other end of Manor Drive (or this end - depending on where you are).

I understand there is a to be a Rugby theme this year with rugby based activities with prizes every hour and a classic rover competition. Also there will apparently be lots of fun activities for all the family including a bbq, DJ, tombola and huge inflatable bouncy thingys.

The cost of entry is £1.

Strike It Wet

If you've had issues with your water supply today, it might have had something to do with the burst water main on the corner of Cheam Common Road and Woodbine Lane.

The water was squirting out of the pavement this morning on one corner and was also pouring from under the opposite pavement too. Engineers were on the scene from around 10 o'clock this morning to fix the burst pipe which one apparently claimed was probably a result of a lightning strike last night. Homes in and around Woodbine Lane had to make do without a water supply for several hours today and the pavement closed while the work was done. The work was only finished around 6pm this evening.

Thanks to Blog reader Ceri for letting me know. If anyone has any photos of the actual 'fountain' please email me if you'd like them posted here!

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Three Fairs

Local fair lovers are spoilt for choice tomorrow. There are three sources of festive entertainment (and possibly more...) Please see the flyers and pictures below for details...