Sunday, 28 June 2015

Shops Emptying

There looks to have been a recent spate of shops closing down in Central Road. Some have been known about for a while or half expected, others have been a bit of a surprise. Here are the recent changes:

Beds To Go have Gone. This shop has been on the verge of going out of business for months if not years it seems. I'm sure they were having a 'Closing Down Sale' every other month. It seems this time they really meant it.

The Charity shop Sue
Ryder has also been in trouble for a while. Nearly two years ago they needed to close their doors due to a lack of volunteer staff. They cut their opening hours back and brought in an area manager to run shifts but unfortunately it seems they haven't managed to keep things going.

Another Charity shop that has disappeared is the Geranium Shop For The Blind. I don't remember seeing any indications that this one was on the way out.

I do occasionally visit most of the charity shops to look for mainly books, toys and jigsaw puzzles and this one seems to have gone very quietly.

According to the note in the window, they do have another shop in Hampton Hill if you wish to support this charity specifically (it's at 66 High Street).

Another shop that has slipped quietly away is the Ladbrokes betting shop opposite Pizza Express. What with William Hill and Coral also vying for your weekly wager, I guess Central Road had reached it's natural equilibrium for the number of possible successful betting shops in the area. (Perhaps the same might be said of charity shops.) Mind you the last time I saw the inside of the Ladbrokes the person behind the counter was sternly asking at the only customer in the shop to get out - I didn't stop to enquire why.

Back in December last year a 'Shop To Let' sign was installed above the Discount Motor Spares shop.

The Owner told the the blog he had been in business there for decades and owned the freehold on the shop. He said he was looking for the right business to take over the premises and didn't mind if the process took some time.

It seems he's found someone (though I'm not sure who it is yet...) as he began his proper closing down sale in April. The shop is now basically empty. I look forward to seeing who will be taking over.

Lastly the shop that held the Flash in the pan that was Worcester Park's own Mini Mart began some refurbishment works back in May.

The gentlemen refitting out the shop said they weren't aware of any specific business moving in, just that the landlord had wanted it cleaned up. We will see...

It is not pleasant to see shops closing in our high street. I hope this is a blip rather than an indication of deeper underlying problem. I would once again call on people to support their local shops as this is what happens if people don't.