Monday, 8 June 2015

March March

In my continuing quest to catch up on events from over the last few months that I didn't get to post at the time (or perhaps just an excuse to use up my photos...) - I felt this charity event was a worthwhile contender...

The run/walk/stroll from The Royal Marsden #1 (in Chelsea) and The Royal Marsden #2 (in Sutton) made its annual way down through North Cheam on a Sunday back in March (22nd actually), hoping to raise £1.25 million to support the work of the world leading specialist cancer hospital.

In a possible concession to people using London Road for purposes other than charitable marching, they moved the crossing point from where it was last year to the North Cheam crossroads. Last year 5000 walkers having right of way at the pedestrian crossing near Langley Avenue rather brought local traffic to a standstill so it's good to see them make use of the numerous red and green men further down the road.

I had hoped to be able to report on how much was actually raised but walkers still have two more weeks to finalise and get their raised funds in so a final figure is not yet known. Walkers are being asked to:
"Please make sure that you have collected and handed in all your sponsorship money by 22 June."
So if you were one of the wonderful people who took it upon yourself to make the trek on the day or indeed one of the other wonderful people who sponsored someone to do so - here's a gentle reminder to get the cash side of things sorted out (if you haven't already)... (and an even better reason to post this now...)

And of course you'd be welcome to make separate donation too if you wanted...