Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hamptons Midsummer Fiesta

It's getting to that time of year when the various summer fetes, fairs and festivals are all popping up vying for our attention, raising money for a multitude of worthy causes.

Each one is undoubtedly worth visiting for it's own unique reasons and I must admit a couple have passed by already (notably First Old Malden Scouts last Saturday and St Cecilia's yesterday) before I've had a chance to post about them...

This year however is offering something new and possibly a bit special... 'Tis the inaugural Hamptons Midsummer Fiesta.

The poster here on the left is fairly self explanitory; the important points being it is taking place next Saturday 20th June (one day prior to the summer solstice) and there will be lots of entertaining things happening.

Of course the Hamptons is home to a few unique features which in some ways make it rather ideal for an event of this kind. The wetlands area and the large grass amphitheatre space being two of them. Both are being used to full effect next Saturday with tours and fishing instructions for kids in the wetlands and most of the Fiesta activities taking place on and around the amphitheatre area. There will also be other activities dotted around including over at the tennis courts (which you can find directions to on the day...)

Entrance and most of the activities are free however money is being raised for the Jigsaw4u (Jigsaw for you) charity which helps children and young people get through bereavements and helps them put the pieces back together.

The organisers have pushed for a particularly local flavour for the day with many of the popup market stalls selling items sourced or made locally in one way or another. There will also be police bike marking and numerous sporting events to participate in.

The Hamptons want everyone in Worcester Park to feel part of and to come and enjoy their corner of KT4 so put next Saturday on your calendar to go and do just that...