Saturday, 27 June 2015

Caught Like A Fly (Tipper)

If you're going to do some fly tipping, be careful who's watching...

Last Saturday morning at around 11:20, Worcester Park Councillors were holding a surgery in the Library when they witnessed an open back vehicle drive up and dump a bunch of old boxes on top of the Pizza Express bin there.

It just so happened that the van had BR Fencing written down the side and by a circumstantial feat of coincidence, the box labels had the name and address of the same local business printed on them..

It might not have been a great lorry load that was dumped like recently in Wallington however if they feel it is normal for them to drive into the library car park to dump this, how much more and how many other times might they have done the same?

If there are two things that really diminish an area it is rubbish and graffiti. Cracking down on both is important.

Cllr Wingfield said:
"A case of wrong place, wrong time methinks as the Council is focusing on this kind of problem at the moment."
Local businesses in Worcestser Park are normally pretty good. It's a shame this one has let down the side on this occasion. Let's hope there's no more of this.

Thanks to Cllr Wingfield and Cllr Marsdon for the story and pictures.