Sunday, 7 June 2015

Block In Black

For many of those whose morning commute requires a trip down Hampton Road, last Thursday will have been an rather accursed day.

Around 8am saw this black transit van apparently jump the junction, to be hit side on by this black Jeep, sending it spinning into 2 parked cars, completely writing off this black Honda Civic. The damage to all the vehicles shows how fast the van must have been travelling to leave it wedged sideways and blocking Hampton Road completely.

According to one witness:
"It takes a crash of this severity to show just how bad Hampton Road is for traffic using it as a cut through to by pass the high street. About time this road was made one way [...] or at least some sort of traffic calming measures need to be put in place now."
Traffic in Hampton Road is already worse since the Stone Place one way system forces all shoppers and delivery vehicles to use Windsor Road and there have been calls before for Hampton Road and perhaps Moreton Road to become one way to discourage people driving down from Kingsmead from using these as a cut through. But as always this will also cause other traffic issues in other places. I suspect Balmoral and Dalmeny Roads will suffer more traffic instead if such a plan were even implemented.

What are your thoughts dear reader?