Saturday, 23 May 2015

Water Traffic Jam

Oh dear, Central Road eternal super traffic jams have sprung to life again over the last couple of days...

This time it is all down to bringing water to the old John James establishment which has been undergoing internal renovations for quite a long time.

The works began on Thursday and should hopefully be finished this afternoon. The main works have now been completed and they are only waiting for the tarmac to be relaid on the road again so fingers crossed.

In the meanwhile give the area a wide berth if at all possible if using motorised transport...

Update (24th May)

The road should have been opened up again yesterday afternoon after the tarmac was reinstated in the road section. There seems absolutely no reason why the temporary traffic lights should still be there as the roadway is now repaired and able to take vehicles along its full width. Even if the bricks have not yet been re-laid in the parking section.

According to a chap from a shop nearby, the workmen simply left after filling in the tarmac. When he asked if they will take down the temporary traffic lights as the road was re-instated they simply said it was not up to them.

What utter ineptitude from Thames Water causing local people this completely unnecessary inconvenience.