Monday, 25 May 2015

Alley Fit For A Pig

Regular local walkers and cyclists will be aware of the recent improvements to the path leading from the top of Green Lane near the stables, past the Hamptons and down to Trafalgar Avenue. The path, known locally by various names with a common theme as 'Pig Alley', 'Pigs Alley', 'Pig Farm Alley' (which may contain some clues about some local nearby history) or 'Dog Sh*t Alley' (which may contain some clues as to what might be found there), was closed off to the public back in November last year so that a proper footpath could be constructed.

For anyone who knows this area, the finished product is orders of magnitude better than what was there before. I have been wanting to see this path improved for quite some time and I'm so glad this has finally happened.

The path is intended to be part of a new cycle route which should run from the top of Green Lane where the stables are, right the way through to Sutton. This particular set of works runs from Trafalgar Avenue through to the the path at the other end of Boscombe Road where the Hamptons begins (Picture on the left).

Hopefully the next section will be between Boscombe Road and the stables and started before the end of the year.

While the official notices saying this would take approximately a month were a bit of a master class in wishful thinking, I would say the wait has been worthwhile.

For those who are interested, here is a bit of a photographic record of the process...

Path closed to the public. Early November 2014
Fence is up and work has started. Mid November
Mid November
Back to normal. Early January

Path taking shape. Early - Mid February
Tarmac mostly complete. Early - Mid March
Tarmac done. Mid March
Bollards going in. Late - Mid March

All ready to go - Mid April
Rubbish removed and path open again - Early May
It was around mid April that some local scrag thought it would be a good idea to graffiti the central bollard (blurred out in this shots above).

It has been argued that there might be a fine line between art and graffiti. And only a short walk up this alley are some examples of graffiti that rather show up the lack of any talent held by the scrawler of this particular crayon worthy bollard drawing. While all graffiti is generally criminal damage, creating something that is at least impressive to look at is far removed from the infantile practice of writing one's name everywhere. I was glad to see that the offending blot was removed soon after the path opened.

Graffiti free bollard
As well as the nice new path, a new fence was put in as well which should keep the local back fences a little cleaner.

Overall a very good job!