Friday, 20 March 2015

Kiddy Goods

If you're planning or have recently had an addition to the family then tomorrow's Baby and Child Pre-Loved Sale event might be for you. Turn up at Maple Lodge in the Hamptons (the white building with the big clock on the top) at 11am for baby bargains and children's cheapies.

What's not to like...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Taken From Lady Hay

People are being asked to keep their eyes open for burglars and stolen goods after a home in Lady Hay (between Leyfield and Highdown) was burgled on Sunday morning (15th March).

According to the police, someone was also seen at 6.30am on the same day trying to gain entry to a house on The Manor Drive.

The victim told the blog that:
"The perpetrator came in through the back door, which we appear to have forgotten to lock that night, and took items that were nearby and easy to carry - a Sony Xperia M2 phone, a Dell laptop, cash and cards.  The cards, which the banks now issue with a contactless facility, have already been used on TFL, so there may be some CCTV evidence to gather.
It took us 24 hours to realise that there was a problem as nothing was obviously disturbed and the missing phone was initially put down to carelessness.  It was only when trying to go to work on Monday morning that the missing laptop, cards and cash were discovered.
If anyone else has been a victim of a similar burglary then please do report it to the police.  We were told that the description of the person seen on The Manor Drive was 20-something, slim, white male, so keep an eye out for anyone of that description acting suspiciously.  It goes without saying to remember to lock your doors and close your windows at night, as we have learnt to our cost."
He also added that "if anyone sees or is offered a Longines watch with a personal inscription on the back, then that too was stolen. It is of some financial value, but far greater emotional value."

Again I find myself writing that if anyone knows anything about the theft please contact the Police on 101 or anonymously on 0800 555 111. Always call 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in the process of being committed.

A little information could lead to an arrest and it is so often the case that a single arrest has led to huge drop in crime in one area. So please help your local community if you can.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Jumble For The Boys Brigade

Just in case you are at a loose end for the afternoon, or else looking to pick up a local bargain, there is a Jumble Sale on today at Christ Church with St Philip. The sale is being run by the Boys Brigade which meet weekly at the church halls.

Go along and grab a bargain while helping out our local young lads...

Find That Tool

I had an email from a blog reader yesterday about the theft of power tools from a van. She wrote:
"I'm having work done at my property on Hampton Road right now (near Cheam Infants school), and this morning someone broke into one of the workmen's vans parked on our street and stole a considerable amount of power tools. I thought it may be worth bringing it to the attention of residents of WP as I know quite a few people are having building work done right now in that area and there's obviously someone taking advantage of it."
If you know anything about the theft please contact the Police on 101 or anonymously on 0800 555 111. Always call 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in the process of being committed.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Opening A Cache

Yesterday at around 4:15pm the the sign writers finished installing the branding for a new shop where the old Kingston South renovations used to be.

Over the years when local people have been asked what sort of new shop they would like to see in the high street, many people have suggested a women's fashion shop. Well now there is one!

Cashe will be throwing open its doors tomorrow morning (Saturday 14th March) at 9am, offering a fresh and stylish new store for local ladies and those further afield.

The contemporary emporium is being opened by Mercedes and Mireya, two ladies who both live within walking distance of the shop and is offering women's clothing, accessories, hand made jewellery and gifts. The clothing is all hand picked and from UK and European designers and is aimed at ladies in their 30s and upwards - in other words it's not fashion for girls or teens.

They are starting out with mainly 'floaty' one size fits all tops but will alter their range as local demand changes. As Mercedes and Mireya told the blog:
"We will be demand led and will listen to what people tell us they want."
They will not be stocking large numbers of the same thing.
"People don't want to bump into each other wearing the same thing and as we are catering to local people we want to limit the number of each item we sell."
They describe the market segment as 'affordable quality'. They are neither selling expensive 'designer' products nor cheap mass produced items. Apparently there is nothing like this anywhere in Worcester Park or even Cheam or Ewell.

Mercedes and Mireya have both got business experience behind them and have between them run a number of businesses. They both felt this was the ideal time to come together and open this boutique.

While I might not be frequenting this particular shop very often myself, I feel this is exactly the kind of place we need to help encourage people back to our local high street. I would encourage people to go in and have a look. More quality independent shops like this is exactly what will help revive the fortunes of Central Road.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Another Hustings

Tonight we all have another opportunity to hear what our local parliamentary candidates wish to offer us in order to put a cross in their box in the general election which is now less than two months away.

This one isn't far away - it's at Nonsuch High School For Girls in Ewell Road, Cheam, SM3 8AB (hence being blogworthy) and starts at 7:30.

This one is supposed to be focusing on Education and given the recent government announcement granting Greenshaw Learning Trust permission to build Sutton's first free school, there may be many appropriate questions on this theme. Particularly on where to build it

When I say 'supposed to be focusing' the last one in Worcester Park was supposed to be focusing on the economy however it was rather taken over by the National Health Action Party which set up a display in the foyer and seem to have planted numerous questions in the audience - to which their candidate David Ash seemed to read pre written answers to. There was not quite so much discussion about the economy.

This is the last of the three debates hosted by the Sutton Guardian which aim to engage voters in the election process.

The constituency of Sutton And Cheam (which incorporates a great deal of Worcester Park) is a very important constituency given it was only won by the Liberal Democrats by 1,608 votes in 2010. The Conservatives need to win another 23 seats for a Conservative majority and this constituency is number 17 on the list. Labour have really raised their profile in the area over the last year or so as have the National Health Action Party and the Greens are doing much better that they have ever done before nationally. Ukip and the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition also have candidates standing. Voters in this area have a far greater influence than many other people in the country over who ends up in No 10 Downing Street after the election on the 7th of May so tonight is a perfect opportunity to go along and see what each of the candidates have to offer.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Work And Leisure

The Cheam Leisure Centre is soon to be reopening again and they're looking for a 'Recreation Attendant' to join the team there. Steve Bullworthy, one of the managers there contacted the blog to ask me to put the word out about this and other positions being available, saying
"With the pool re-opening at the end of the month, we have job vacancies going."
So if you on the hunt for some employment - you might find something at the Cheam Leisure Centre.

Friday, 6 March 2015

New Plans For Victoria House

What is happening at Victoria House? To that question posed by numerous people of late (and sometimes even of early), answers seem now to be in the offing.

At last nights CNWP (Cheam North and Worcester Park) Local Committee meeting (on which I sit as a non voting member), Homegroup, the new and current owners of the site brought forth a display of their new plans for the site. I managed to photograph a few of the presentation slides and as you can see from the above one, the new plans are very different to the old ones.

The most noticeable difference is the big gap in the middle. This, we were told is to allow the sun to get through and reach the areas at the back. It will also give more window space to the residents.

The plans are for there to be around 90 dwellings, with most of them being 'affordable housing'. There will still be the retails shops at ground level but these will be a little shallower that in the previous plans due to space for parking (more on that in a moment.)

My main concerns about the new plans, which I raised at the meeting, were the following:
  • The previous plan had underground parking for the residents (approximately one space per dwelling) plus additional time limited parking for shoppers during the day which would revert to visitors' use in the evenings. The new plans will not have fully underground parking and look to have far fewer parking spaces.
  • The previous plan took into account the art-deco influences of the other buildings on the North Cheam crossroads there. While the design of this building doesn't look unpleasant in itself, it doesn't look like it will fit in well with or compliment the surrounding buildings. It is still early days and the drawings were (as you can see) still only line drawings - and they claimed to have looked at the design of other building in the general area. However, I'm not convinced it will look right on that corner. They have said they will take this into account when selecting the building materials though.
  • Some multi story residents' blocks like this end up becoming no-go areas and attracting crime and antisocial behaviour. North Cheam is a nice area and people want it to stay that way. Homegroup, who said they will be directly managing the development, answered that apparently they manage thousands of other similar buildings and do so very well.
Other people brought up several other issues including the security of the existing site and the problem with Ladbrokes being there.

The timeline also makes an interesting read. They apologised that the previous deadlines had been so badly missed. Here you can see that demolition of the exiting eye-sore looks like it will take place between October and the end of the year, with building commencing in January. The public consultation will be at the beginning of May so if you want to have your say about the new plans, please be ready to voice them then...

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Computer Scam

I had another email which was from Nick Dumont at the new(ish) computer shop near the top of Central Road (Computer Surgery). He writes:
"I am getting daily calls from customers who a being scammed over the phone, from a fake company in India. They claim to be calling from Microsoft, BT or Global support and say your computer is infected, slow, or some other rubbish.
They offer to take over your computer. NEVER ALLOW THIS
They demand payment details over the phone. NEVER DO THIS
[If you do] they can lock your computer with a password, if you put the phone down on them."
Please be careful - We have now all been warned...

Stolen Jewellery

I received a message a few days ago from a blog reader who unfortunately suffered a burglary on Saturday night. The victim who lives in the North East corner of Worcester Park said:
"I had 3 rings stolen. Two of them were from the 50s and have huge sentimental value. One signet ring similar to [the one on the right] with MB on it curly. 2 Sapphire rings one has a bit of gold attached on the inside to make it smaller."
She has kindly included some images which are close to what two of the rings looked like. She describes the third ring as being also a little like the sapphire ring here but:
"It has the metal squaring up to meet the jewel (not so curved on the top if you get me) and flat surfaces with a little engraved pattern perhaps a cross."
If you know anyone a little dodgy who has suddenly acquired some rings like this, or just happen to know something that would help this person get her property back please call the police on 101 or anonymously on 0800 555 111. If there is an emergency always call 999.