Monday, 23 February 2015

Reason For The Long Wait

Many people including me, have been wondering why the decision regarding the Mosque Application at 2-4 Green Lane has been taking such a long time.

So when I saw an email hit my inbox today, forwarded by Cllr Hookway from the council's planning department, with a subject that began with 'APP/P5870/A/13/2199244' and ended with '2-4 Green Lane, Worcester Park', I jumped on it with guarded expectation.

The nub of the email read:
"Unfortunately the Inspector’s decisions will not be ready to be issued by 9 March 2015 due to the Inspector experiencing a close bereavement. The decisions will now be issued on or before 13 May 2015."
I seems much more water needs to pass under the bridge before we find out whether we experience another surge in parking and traffic problems or not.

In the meanwhile my sympathies go out to the inspector who has necessarily become rather familiar with this little corner of the land and a group of us who have been trying to persuade him one way or the other on this issue. I'm sure we would all like to offer him our thoughts.