Friday, 13 February 2015

Changes At Costa

Local coffee drinkers may be interested to know that Costa Coffee will be closed from Monday next week for some renovations and reopening on Friday.

The store looked a little different with the pictures removed and plastered sections on the walls. One of the staff (should I call them 'baristas'?) told the blog they will be extending the bar and getting all new furniture. They couldn't tell where the old furniture would be going - hopefully to a good home and not to landfill.

The large photo prints that used to adorn the walls are apparently being auctioned although the manager didn't yet know when or where. She did say that they would be letting people know next week when they reopen.

I guess it was serendipitous that Joe at Checkers was closing up early as I popped my head in there and so had to visit Costa instead - else I wouldn't have known! And of course Joe (independent local trader - hint hint) will be open next week for your coffee needs!