Sunday, 18 January 2015

Smaked Window

The premises where the new Polish shop recently opened just past the top of Central Road (or at the bottom of Cheam Common Road) has seen it's fair share of smashed shop fronts over the years, usually due to errantly driven vehicles going round the bend too fast. However last Friday (9th January) the shop was victim of a completely different kind of smashed window.

At around 5pm, the staff were shocked as the window was shattered with no warning and seemingly no reason. It wasn't a car hitting it and it wasn't even someone trying to rob the shop (which was still open anyway.)

One of the women who works there told the blog:
"There was no one there. We think someone may have thrown a rock from a car. The Police came down but we haven't heard anything yet."
Luckily the window was double glazed and only the front sheet was broken.

Throwing a rock at someone's window is a pretty low, unpleasant and cowardly thing to do. If it was indeed this that happened I hope the people responsible are caught and suitably dealt with.

Thanks to blog reader Richard for the main photo.