Friday, 16 January 2015

No More Houxsehds

I hope you've all stocked up on Houxsehds. The only know shop selling these rare items has unfortunately closed it's door. Or to be more precise - it would seem someone appearing to have some authority over the premises (but who isn't very good at spelling) has closed it for them.

While it is indeed sad to know the last Houxsehd to be bought in Worcester Park, perhaps the very last Houxsehd to be sold over the counter in all of human history, has been carefully put in its brown paper bag and handed with a smile to the unsuspecting last ever purchaser of such an item, it seems we might be about to welcome back another missed business in it's place.

Rumour has it that Debra, the charity that cares for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB - rare genetic skin conditions - which cause the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch) is to rejoin the Worcester Park community in it's place.

'Not another charity shop' I hear you moan collectively. And while I wince at the realisation that yet another opportunity for a shop selling musical instruments, old records from the 70's and 80's, science books and equipment and biographies has been missed, I must take into account what several people have said about this and that it is better to have shops occupied by anyone than to be empty. As one person has remarked (who may or may not be connected with a charity shop),
"At least the high street keeps busy; It has become quite a charity shop destination."
Apparently charity shops are having a bit of a hard time in the high street. According to someone who may or may not be the same person:
"Sales are down and prices have to be very low. [They] have a duty to raise money for [their] charities, and [their] profiles, so good luck to them. And please people of Worcester Park be kind to [them], [they] all work hard, many of [them] volunteer, and [they] really appreciate your donations and your patronage."
All sympathy to the owner(s) of the old Houxsehds shop. I'm guessing this was probably the guy who would be in there all day with very little to do. The blog wishes you well.