Monday, 1 December 2014

Smak Shop

The Old Vin Bin shop has lain empty for a year and a half now. But 'goings on' have been spotted recently in the building and now new life has been breathed into the premises in the form of 'Smak' a Polish and Russian Delicatessen.

The new shop opened for their first official day of Trading on Friday and welcomed the early birds through the door with a selection of cured meats and cake (yes it was delicious thanks).

Viola, who runs the shop has three other stores including one in Tolworth. She had one in Sutton (just south of the station) but the lease wasn't extended there due to plans for a development in the area and so she decided only a month ago to take the lease on this shop just past the top of Central Road in Cheam Common Road.

She had heard about the regular car crashes there although I'm not sure that's why the shop is named as such...

Update (14th December)

Blog reader Spud has sent in a picture of the Polish notice in question (see comments section) and asked if anyone can translate it.

I suspect it is something very benign like 'Staff required, please enquire within' or 'Turnips on special this week' and very probably not 'We must rise up and take over - see in store for details'...